Artarie – Your Lifeline to Arts & Culture

Chad Cheek, Owner & Chief Curator of Artarie and Eric Swaim Director of Partners & Programming

October 28th 2021 – Momentum Meetup

Chad and Eric met up with us this week to discuss Artarie, an online streaming platform based right here in Winston-Salem. You can watch the chat on our YouTube Channel.

Due to the impact of suspension of live performances and the closing of cultural venues, arts patrons are seeking access to the experiences they have always enjoyed – from the comfort and safety of home. This need expedited a passion project of Chad’s: Artarie. They work with various arts organizations to present content that can be streamed for subscribers. They even feature special, ticketed events and free videos. In the future, they will add live events or perhaps a hybrid filmed event pieced together for a more curated experience.

Think- the Netflix of Arts and Culture

Eric Swaim

The platform offers subscribers access to learning tools like recordings with famous writers, how-to videos. But, also offers recorded live experiences like the opera or a ballet performance. Students at UNCSA were able to host their performances on Artarie so their families could still see them perform, from a distance.

This platform is an excellent place for arts or cultural organizations, even artists, to showcase their work. Artarie will help organizations grow their audiences and keep them engaged. We agree that after the world begins to transition back to in person events this new platform will continue to enrich our lives.

“It is an easy-to-use, cost-effective platform that removes the cumbersome technological infrastructure surrounding content delivery. Arts organizations are also able to establish, maintain and enrich engagement with their patrons.”  

Chad Cheek

Arts lovers interested in subscribing to Artarie receive a free, 30-day trial, after which the service costs $8.99 per month/$84.99 annually for unlimited streaming of archival content. But for our members theres an added perk! User promo code CCE10, in honor of our tenth anniversary this year, to get your first 2 months at 50% off!

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