MeetupHighlight: Growing Your Creative Business When It Feels Hard

Our April Momentum meetup focused on growing your creative business when it feels hard. Taryn Jerez, Founder of One Crafty Miss, shared some advice and resources on how to continue to grow and succeed during this season of uncertainty. 

Taryn Jerez is a creative business coach and blogger. She teaches creatives how to build and grow their business with passion and purpose. Prior to founding her business, Taryn obtained her B.F.A. in Fashion Design and Marketing. Taryn is a creative professional with a background of working for companies big and small, as well as Fortune 500 companies. She has extensive experience with one-on-one coaching, events and public speaking, and connecting and collaborating. 

“You are more in control than you realize and the growth of your business is still up to you.” Taryn says to concentrate on what you can control. Let go of what should be and keep moving forward. It is important to lean into your natural creativity and be innovative during this time. 

Taryn stressed that you have to give yourself permission to sell your business right now. She encouraged us to do this by being selective, intentional, consistent, and communicative. You must offer value, be compassionate, and show gratitude for your audience. 

Now is a time to consider applying yourself to diverse tasks to continue growth for yourself and your business. Do activities that you may not have gotten around to before due to the daily hustle and bustle. Taryn suggests to organize all you can; get physically, virtually, and mentally organized. 

The next tip that Taryn shared with us is to reevaluate your product and your pricing strategy. You can do this by first exploring your current offerings, and then conducting market research. This will allow you to look at your business through a new lens and use the information for development.

Lastly, Taryn recommends doing brain dump exercises for inspiration. This exercise is a low time commitment with a big impact on your creative business. You can either set a topic or have a free space, and just let the ideas flow!

Taryn has compiled a COVID-19 resource list for creative businesses. You can check them out here:

Join us for our next virtual Momentum Meetup on May 21. We will be hosting a panel of founders who are ready to share their why, challenges and successes in their business, and tips that may help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

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