Meetup Highlights: Content Creation with Danae Edmonds

Our January Momentum meetup focused on content creation. Danae Edmonds shared her insights on the topic and how to effectively use the powerful tool of social media. 

Danae is a creative entrepreneur and founder of Aspiring Co., a media company based in Raleigh. She strives to inspire people to take the leap and chase your dreams without fear. Danae focuses on the values of elevating and empowering women through her brand, and is also the host of “Yes Girl Yes, An Aspiring Co. Podcast. ” Edmonds’ unique experience of developing and producing a new brand has attracted national attention and she was recently selected as a Top 20 Marketing Expert for 20 on the Rise (a partnership with Rising Tide Society and HoneyBook).

Before venturing into the world of content creation, it is important to understand the environment. A content creator is a person who shares information intended for a targeted audience to any medium, with digital being a primary source. A creator writes for multiple sources including websites, blog posts, videos for YouTube, social media posts, podcasts, as well as print brochures, reports, and more. 

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You may be wondering, Why should I create original content? Danae suggests that content creation gives your brand a voice, adds value, and connects you with your ideal audience. 

“When posting on social media or creating content you want to write with a specific person in mind.”

A major part of content creation is defining your audience. Think about specific types of people to focus your approach. Danae suggests that you visualize the specific type of person you are writing for. Give that person a name, characteristics, and even hobbies to create a persona of your ideal customer. One helpful hint, she recommended was to utilize the poll feature on your Instagram Stories. Also, using a survey with your potential customers helps define your audience and discover the type of content they desire.

“You don’t have to have everything perfect, just start.”

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Some tips for starting is to take the leap and put yourself out there. Try to set your fear aside. If you wait for everything to be perfect you have waited too long. In order to avoid getting burnt out, start with something small that you can handle. In addition to just starting, you want to be consistent, but that doesn’t mean you have to post multiple times every week. You need to define what that means for you, even if you are posting a few times a month. 

January’s Momentum Event zeroed in on the importance of content creation and how to manage it. Whatever type of content you desire to create, make sure to gear it toward a specific audience. “There is space for you to get out there, so just start!”

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