Momentum Highlight: Using LinkedIn as a Creative

August Momentum Highlight

Our August Momentum featured LinkedIn Strategist and Trainer, Teddy Burriss. Most people think Linkedin can only be used by big corporate businesses and professionals looking for employment. However, Teddy knows that creatives have an opportunity to connect and grow with a tool like LinkedIn as well. As Teddy puts it, Linkedin is about all types of people connecting with all types of people. When creating a LinkedIn profile, Teddy suggests focusing on:

  • Understanding why you want to use Linkedin as a business tool
  • Optimizing your profile
  • Growing a relevant network
  • Developing a reputation through engagement 

We’re all a part of  three main network groups on social media and IRL (in real life): 

  1. Family and friends
  2. Business and career
  3. Civic and community. 

We’ve all heard the saying ‘don’t mix business with pleasure’, but  Teddy believes that, if done organically, overlapping these three categories can increase our potential to make deeper connections by staying aware of each other in different ways. 

Teddy mentions that our Linkedin profile needs to be meaningful, relevant, and focused. We can do this by telling our target audience what we do, our accomplishments, and what we enjoy doing – so they can get a better feel of who we are and making them want to connect with us. Your profile should be speaking to your most important viewer and needs to be relevant to who you are now and who you want to become. 

Teddy emphasized the importance of relevance in our profile when connecting with people and building our network. Once you have engaged with someone (in-person or online), immediately connect with them and make sure the level of engagement (a 1 being a message with Linkedin Profile and a 10 being a zoom call) is relevant to the level of importance the person has to your business.

Building a profile and sending out invites are the bare minimum. For your Linkedin profile to have any value to your business you need to make actual conversations. Make and participate in relevant and interesting content. Teddy shared the importance of making different posts (videos, images, articles) for different audiences because something that applies to some may not apply to others. Another tip: put yourself out there because most of the people on LinkedIn were at some point in time, in the same position you are now; and always be consistent with your content. 

LinkedIn is a huge global networking site and the more we invest in growing our presence the easier it will be to discover and get discovered by our target audience, whether it’s business professionals, customers, or just interesting people you might want to work with one day. The more we develop our presence within LinkedIn by making, sharing, or engaging in content, the more our reputation has the potential to grow. Content can be about more than just business because Linkedin is about more than just business. There are conversations going on in LinkedIn right now about family, philosophy, the world, literature, and even art that creatives can be a part of. LinkedIn is helping us connect in all areas of business, bommunity, our careers, friends, and life.

Want to watch the full Meetup? Check it out here.

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